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How to Purchase Corman Lisp

If you would like to continue to use the Corman Lisp IDE for more than 30 days, you are required to purchase a registered copy. A registered copy also entitles you to create and distribute software created with Corman Lisp.

You may purchase a license for Corman Lisp 3.0 for the price of US $249.00 .
A student license is available for US $125.00 .

Registered users of Corman Lisp 2.5 may use their 2.5 license codes to automatically enable full use of all 3.0 features.

Use the following links to pay using Visa, MasterCard or American Express, via our secure site.


The following links allow you to pay via PayPal:
Corman Lisp 3.0 249.00
Corman Lisp 3.0 (Full Time student) 125.00
Corman Lisp 3.0 Upgrade 75.00

To purchase Corman Lisp directly you may send a check or money order to:

1060A Fourth St.
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Please include your name, address, phone number (optional), e-mail address, and company organization name (if any). We will e-mail you your registration number, which will be keyed to the name and organization name you send us.

Licensing and Copyright Information

All binary files provided with the release package of Corman Lisp are:
Copyright (c) Corman Technologies Inc. All Rights Reserved.

All source files which are not otherwise designated (in the headers of the files) also carry the same Copyright.

All components of this release are provided AS IS and without warranty of any kind.

Permission to use and/or redistribute specific files is granted according to the details below. Permission to redistribute the entire release package is not granted. It should be obtained from the Corman Lisp web site:

The Corman Lisp compiler and run-time library consists of the files:

  • CormanLispServer.dll
  • CormanLisp.img

Permission is granted to use these components for any personal, non-commercial purpose, with no license fees required. Corman Lisp is a free Common Lisp compiler designed to encourage the use of the Common Lisp language.

Redistribution of the Corman Lisp compiler with Common Lisp programs created with SAVE-APPLICATION or SAVE-IMAGE is permitted for personal, non-commercial purposes.

The two files CLBOOT.EXE and CLCONSOLE.EXE are provided for free distribution and may be used to run the Corman Lisp compiler or applications created with SAVE-APPLICATION or SAVE-IMAGE .

The Corman Lisp Integrated Development Environment (IDE) (the file called CORMANLISP.EXE ) is not free. You may use it free for up to 30 days for evaluation purposes, after which the product evaluation time will expire. Redistribution of this application is not permitted except by written permission from the copyright holder.

You may obtain a registered copy of Corman Lisp by going to the Corman Lisp web site and following the instructions there. By having a registered copy you not only have the right to use the Corman Lisp IDE, version 3.0, for an unlimited time, but you also have the right to distribute applications created with Corman Lisp, and to redistribute the Corman Lisp compiler, for commercial or non-personal purposes. Note that this still does not give you the right to redistribute the Corman Lisp release package or the Corman Lisp IDE.

Source code to the Corman Lisp compiler is included in this release, and includes all files with extensions:

  • .LISP
  • .CPP
  • .H
Source code for the Corman Lisp compiler is provided AS IS and is distributed with the Corman Lisp release package for educational use only. You may not redistribute any of the source code without written permission from the copyright holder.

How To Reach Us

Any comments or questions may be directed via e-mail to:


Copyright (c) Corman Technologies Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Contact us at